POGO Hub in Pampanga Raided; Over 150 Foreign Nationals Found


Authorities raided a POGO (Philippine Offshore Gaming Operator) hub in Porac, Pampanga, on Tuesday following reports of alleged criminal activities taking place at the facility. Here are some details according to the report of ABS-CBN News.

Raid and Initial Findings

The Presidential Anti-Organized Crime Commission (PAOCC) led the operation after receiving videos and information suggesting occurrences of torture and sex trafficking within the POGO hub. A foreign woman, reportedly a victim of sex trafficking, had come forward to the PAOCC, providing details of the illegal activities.

During the raid at the Lucky South 99 complex, authorities discovered 157 foreign nationals, comprising:

  • 126 Chinese
  • 23 Vietnamese
  • 4 Malaysians
  • 4 individuals from Myanmar
  • 1 Korean

None of the foreign nationals were found to possess passports or visas. Authorities are currently determining who among them are suspects and who are victims. The foreign nationals will undergo immigration biometrics to verify the legality of their entry into the country.

Local Employees and Ownership Clarifications

The raid also uncovered 29 Filipinos at the company, reportedly employed as cleaners.

An individual identified as the lawyer for Robert Cruz claimed that Cruz owns only the land on which the POGO hub stands and is not the operator of the POGO itself.

The PAOCC and other authorities will continue their investigation to unravel the full extent of the illegal activities and determine the legal status of all individuals involved.

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