Five Human Skeletons, Missing Hands and Feet, Found Outside Nazi Leader Hermann Göring’s House


Archaeologists have made a grim discovery at the Wolf’s Lair, a former Nazi military base in Poland, where they unearthed the skeletons of five people, all missing their hands and feet. The remains, found in Gierloz, northeastern Poland, were located outside a house once occupied by Nazi commander Hermann Göring, a high-ranking Nazi official and close associate of Adolf Hitler.

Here are some details according to the report of CNN International.

Initial Discovery and Subsequent Excavations

The discovery began with a dig on February 24, when archaeologists from the Latebra Foundation, a historical organization based in the Polish city of Gdansk, found a fragment of a human skull. The team promptly alerted local authorities, leading to further excavations that revealed the remains of three adults, a teenager, and a newborn baby, according to a statement published Thursday.

Archaeologists found the skeletons arranged near each other, all facing in the same direction, just outside Göring’s house. What puzzled archaeologists was the absence of hands and feet, as well as the lack of clothing or other personal effects. Burned boards and remnants of sewage infrastructure were also found near the bodies, adding to the mystery surrounding the site.

Adrian Kostrzewa, a board member of the Latebra Foundation, shared with CNN that the team initially thought they were digging up an old bathroom when they found pipes beneath the ground. However, they soon encountered ashes, a burned key, and ultimately, the skull fragment that led to the discovery of the skeletons.

“It was very surprising,” Kostrzewa said, acknowledging the many questions that remain unanswered. “There are many theories (about) why they do not have hands and feet,” he noted, emphasizing that further investigation is required.

Next Steps and Historical Context

The foundation awaits the results of a police investigation into the remains, with plans to use radiocarbon dating to determine their age and possibly glean more information about their identities and the circumstances of their deaths.

The Wolf’s Lair was the Nazis’ 6.5-square-kilometer (2.5-square-mile) Eastern Front headquarters, located deep in the forests of northeastern Poland. It was one of the largest bases of its kind in Europe and served as a heavily guarded complex where Hitler spent nearly three years during World War II.

The Wolf’s Lair was also the site of Operation Valkyrie, an assassination attempt against Hitler in July 1944. In January 1945, the advancing Soviet army forced the destruction of the base to prevent its capture.

The Latebra Foundation’s statement notes that the discovery’s uniqueness lies in the location of the bodies within one of the most heavily fortified Nazi complexes. The implications of the missing hands and feet, the exact cause of death, and the historical context of the site all contribute to the intrigue surrounding this archaeological find.

As investigators continue to examine the remains, the story of these skeletons—who they were, why they were there, and what led to their demise—remains a compelling mystery.

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