Highway Collapsed in Southern China Kills Dozens, Injures Many

Highway Collapse

A major highway in southern China collapsed early Wednesday, causing cars to plummet down a hill and resulting in a tragic loss of life, according to Chinese state media. The collapse occurred on the expressway linking Meizhou city with Dabu county in Guangdong province.

Here are some details according to the report of CNN International.

Dozens of Lives Lost

The collapse has claimed at least 48 lives, with Communist Party secretary of Meizhou city Ma Zhengyong confirming the number of fatalities. Rescue teams recovered at least 23 vehicles from the collapse site as operations continued into Thursday. State broadcaster CCTV reported that hospitals received about 30 people with injuries, and they are in stable condition.

The Guangdong provincial government dispatched a rescue team of about 500 people to respond to the incident. They are working to clear the debris and search for more victims, which could potentially increase the number of casualties. Officials told state news agency Xinhua that more than 184 square meters of the highway collapsed.

Video footage taken at night showed emergency personnel and fire services dealing with a massive blaze beneath the area where the road had collapsed. Additional images taken after daybreak showed cars stacked at the bottom of a ravine, illustrating the extensive damage caused by the collapse.

Impact of Recent Heavy Rain

The disaster comes amid heavy rainfall that has been battering southern China, contributing to a wider humanitarian crisis. Guangdong, an economic powerhouse with a population of 127 million, has experienced severe flooding that has forced over 110,000 people to relocate, according to state media reports.

The floods have claimed at least four lives in Guangdong, including a rescue worker, Xinhua reported Monday. Additionally, at least 10 people remain missing following the recent flooding.

Authorities continue their rescue efforts, with hopes of finding more survivors from the tragic highway collapse. The incident is a sobering reminder of the need for improved infrastructure resilience in the face of increasing extreme weather events.

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