Guards Allegedly Took Minors to Jail to Be Raped in Guatemala


Twenty Guatemalan prison guards, a police officer, and eight men linked to the Barrio 18 gang will stand trial, accused of smuggling minors into jails for gang members to sexually abuse. The alleged crimes involved the sexual exploitation and recruitment of minors, according to authorities.

Here are some details according to the report of The Philippine Star.

Minors Lured Into Prisons for Sexual Abuse

The victims, aged between 12 and 16, were reportedly taken to prisons where they were sexually abused and recruited by gang members from the notorious Barrio 18 gang. The group used social media and instant messaging applications to contact and lure the victims, said Maria Jose Mansilla, a spokeswoman for the Guatemalan prosecutor’s office.

Charges of breach of duty are against the prison guards, while the police officer faces a rape charge. The other eight defendants are charge with various crimes, including human trafficking and sexual exploitation. Mansilla noted that these incidents occurred within Guatemalan prisons. Gang leaders orchestrate criminal activities like extortion and murder from within the prison system, according to inmate reports.

Exploitation and Recruitment of Minors

Mansilla said gang members targeted minors to recruit them into the Barrio 18 gang. This group is one of the most violent and organized criminal organizations in Central America. The case highlights systemic issues within the Guatemalan prison system. The report indicates that gangs significantly control and influence the prison system.

This case has sparked outrage in Guatemala, where authorities have long struggled with prison overcrowding and violence. The trial’s outcome may have broader implications for prison reform and addressing gang-related crimes. Authorities continue to investigate the alleged raped and human trafficking in the country’s prison system. They aim to determine the full extent of these activities and identify everyone involved.

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