Hamas Studies Latest Israeli Ceasefire Counterproposal

Ceasefire Counterproposal

A Palestinian militant group, Hamas, stated early Saturday that it is reviewing Israel’s latest counterproposal regarding a potential ceasefire in the Gaza Strip and the release of hostages. The new proposal, sent through Egyptian and Qatari mediators, comes amid ongoing efforts to broker a truce and secure the release of hostages.

Here are some details from the report of The Philippine Star.

Hamas’s Response to the Israeli Proposal

Khalil al-Hayya, deputy head of Hamas’s political arm in Gaza, indicated that the group received the latest Israeli counterproposal on Friday. The counterproposal was delivered to the mediators, Egypt and Qatar. Al-Hayya said that Hamas is currently studying the proposal and will submit its response once the review is complete. “Today, the Hamas movement received the official Zionist occupation response to the movement’s position, which was delivered to the Egyptian and Qatari mediators on April 13,” he stated.

Hamas had previously insisted on a permanent ceasefire, while Israel has opposed the idea. A previous truce attempt in November saw a week-long halt in fighting, leading to the release of 80 Israeli hostages in exchange for 240 Palestinian prisoners. Further negotiations have been stalled. The recent hostilities have drawn international criticism due to the high civilian toll in Gaza.

Egyptian mediators are playing a crucial role in the ceasefire discussions. An Egyptian delegation visited Israel on Friday to reignite stalled negotiations. Egypt, along with Qatar and the United States, has been attempting to broker a ceasefire deal since November. Al-Qahera News, linked to Egyptian state intelligence services, reported noticeable progress in bringing the Israeli and Egyptian views closer.

Israel’s Stance

Israel’s war cabinet reportedly discussed the new plan for a ceasefire and hostage release ahead of the Egyptian delegation’s visit. Several Israeli media outlets, citing unnamed officials, reported that Israel still opposes the idea of a permanent ceasefire. Additionally, these reports indicate that Israel is not prepare to accept all of Hamas’s demands.

Negotiations between Hamas and Israel continue as both parties work with mediators to find common ground. While the global community has increased pressure to secure a truce, much depends on the outcome of the current discussions and the ongoing review of the Israeli counterproposal by Hamas.

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