Kenya Floods Leave 70 Dead as Truck Swept Away in Deluge

Kenya Floods

At least 70 people have died from widespread flooding in Kenya, a government spokesperson said Friday, as authorities ordered further evacuations in areas at risk due to ongoing heavy rainfall. Here are some details according to the report of CNN International.

“The official tally of fellow Kenyans who regrettably have lost their lives due to the flooding situation now stands at 70,” Isaac Maigua Mwaura, a Kenyan government spokesperson, wrote on X (formerly Twitter). He emphasized that this figure was “contrary to other figures” circulating in media reports.

Earlier Friday, a truck carrying people in Makueni County in southern Kenya “was swept away by raging waters,” according to the Kenyan Red Cross. The organization described the incident as “distressing,” adding that it was responding to the aftermath.

Widespread Destruction and Displacement

Heavy rainfall has caused significant destruction and displacement across the country. Government figures show that flooding has displaced more than 13,300 households and damaged 22 roads and 26 schools.. The Kenyan Red Cross reported that its teams have rescued 302 people since the onset of the heavy rains in March.

The disaster has prompted Kenyan President William Ruto to authorize emergency crews to evacuate people living along riverbanks and other high-risk areas forcibly. “Unfortunately, we will have to move some of them even without them agreeing because otherwise, they put themselves in danger,” Ruto said Thursday.

The flooding has affected 26 of Kenya’s 47 counties, impacting thousands of families and disrupting daily life in many communities. Officials advised residents in low-lying areas to relocate to safer places on Friday, as heavier rain is expected in the coming days.

The Kenya Meteorological Department issued an advisory, warning that intense rainfall would continue across various parts of the country, including Nairobi. However, experts expect it to lessen by April 28.

Beyond Kenya

Flooding has also caused significant damage in neighboring East African countries. Tanzanian Prime Minister Kassim Majaliwa announced Thursday that at least 155 people have died in Tanzania due to flooding. This follows reports of severe flooding in Burundi, leading to further humanitarian concerns in the region.

The Kenyan government and humanitarian organizations are continuing to assess the situation and provide aid to those affected. Authorities in Kenya are urging people to stay safe and take necessary precautions as they work to contain the impact of the floods.

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