Biden Calls for Steel Tariff Hike on China, Vows to Fight “Cheating” Practices

Biden and China

President Joe Biden intensified his rhetoric against China on Wednesday, advocating for an increase in steel tariffs while addressing union members in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In a bid to court blue-collar voters and champion workers’ rights, Biden accused Beijing of unfair trade practices and xenophobia.

Here are some details according to the report of The Philippine Star.

Allegations of Cheating

Biden lambasted Chinese steel companies for “cheating” by benefiting from heavy subsidies from the Chinese government, undercutting American steel producers. He pledged to triple tariff rates on Chinese steel and aluminum if anti-competitive practices were confirmed, emphasizing the need for fair competition.

In a departure from traditional Democratic policies, Biden has adopted a more protectionist stance, aligning with his predecessor’s “America First” approach. Amid fierce competition for blue-collar votes, Biden has prioritized bolstering domestic industries, particularly in crucial battleground states like Pennsylvania.

No Trade War, Just Fair Competition

Despite escalating tensions with China, Biden emphasized that his actions were not intended to incite a trade war but to promote fair competition. He underscored the importance of maintaining diplomatic ties with Chinese President Xi Jinping while addressing grievances over trade imbalances.

Biden’s visit to Pittsburgh aimed to solidify his support among unions, with the United Steelworkers officially endorsing his candidacy. He pledged to preserve iconic American companies like US Steel, opposing foreign takeovers and ensuring American ownership.

Biden criticized his predecessor, Donald Trump, for his failure to address China’s trade practices effectively. He portrayed himself as a champion of American workers, contrasting with Trump’s elitist billionaire image.

Biden’s tough stance on China comes amid broader diplomatic tensions between the two nations. While seeking to address trade disparities, Biden also aims to navigate geopolitical challenges, such as China’s assertiveness in the Asia-Pacific region.

Infrastructure Investments

In addition to trade measures, Biden has prioritized infrastructure investments and green projects to revitalize the American economy. By bolstering domestic industries and promoting sustainability, Biden aims to reduce reliance on foreign markets and enhance national security.

China condemned the US shipbuilding probe as baseless and accused Washington of fabricating accusations. The trade tensions underscore broader frictions between the world’s two largest economies, reflecting competing economic and geopolitical interests.

As Biden escalates pressure on China, the trajectory of US-China relations remains uncertain, with implications for global trade and security dynamics.

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