Four Arrested on Murder Charges in Connection with Disappearance of Two Women in Oklahoma


Authorities in Oklahoma have apprehended four individuals and leveled murder charges in connection with the disappearance of two women who vanished under mysterious circumstances while on a journey through rural areas of the state. Here’s a detailed account of the unfolding events according to the report of CNN International.

The Missing Women

Veronica Butler, 27, and Jilian Kelley, 39, set out on a trip together but failed to reach their intended destination, sparking concerns about their safety. Their disappearance prompted the issuance of an “endangered missing advisory” by the Texas County Sheriff’s Department on March 30.

Law enforcement officials announced the arrest of four individuals—43-year-old Tad Bert Cullum, 54-year-old Tifany Machel Adams, 50-year-old Cole Earl Twombly, and 44-year-old Cora Twombly—on suspicion of involvement in the case. These individuals were apprehended in Texas and Cimarron counties. They were subsequently charged with multiple offenses, including first-degree murder, kidnapping, and conspiracy to commit murder.

Discovery of Evidence

The vehicle in which Butler and Kelley were traveling was discovered abandoned near Highway 95, situated south of the Kansas and Oklahoma border within rural Texas County. Upon further investigation, authorities uncovered evidence suggesting the presence of foul play. This prompted heightened scrutiny of the circumstances surrounding the women’s disappearance.

The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation spearheaded efforts to unravel the complexities of the case. They conducted thorough examinations of the vehicle and employed various investigative techniques to ascertain the fate of the missing women. Law enforcement agencies have not yet disclosed any potential relationship between the suspects and the victims. Law enforcement agencies maintain a tight-lipped stance on the matter.

Legal Proceedings

As of now, Oklahoma court records have not documented any formal charges against the suspects, and the state’s inmate database does not contain their names. The status of their legal representation and whether they have made any court appearances remains unclear. The public awaits further developments in the ongoing investigation.

The unsettling turn of events has reverberated throughout the community, eliciting widespread concern and calls for justice. Residents remain on edge as authorities continue their relentless pursuit of truth and accountability in the face of this tragic ordeal.

As the investigation progresses, authorities commit to unraveling the circumstances surrounding the disappearance of Veronica Butler and Jilian Kelley. They provide solace to their loved ones and ensure that those responsible for their plight face justice.

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