Biden Issues Stern Warning to Netanyahu Amid Mounting Domestic Pressure

Biden Warns Netanyahu

President Joe Biden delivered a stark message to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday, signaling a potential shift in US policy regarding the Gaza conflict. As frustrations with Netanyahu grow and domestic pressures mount in an election year, Biden’s warning came as a significant development in the ongoing crisis. Here are some details according to the report of The Philippines Star.

Tense Exchange: Biden-Netanyahu Phone Call

A tense 30-minute phone call between the two leaders seemed to yield some immediate results. Within hours of their conversation, Netanyahu’s office announced temporary measures to allow more aid to flow into Gaza, indicating a potential response to Biden’s concerns.

Amidst mounting anger from Muslim and younger voters over Biden’s unwavering support for Israel, political allies have urged him to make aid to Israel conditional on changes in Israeli behavior. With pressure from both within his party and from his own family, Biden faces a delicate balancing act in addressing the humanitarian crisis while maintaining US-Israel relations.

The recent killing of seven aid workers from US-based charity World Central Kitchen in an Israeli strike served as a catalyst for Biden’s call with Netanyahu. The White House condemned the attack, describing it as “unacceptable” and stressing the need for Israel to take immediate action to prevent civilian casualties and improve the humanitarian situation.

Netanyahu’s Concessions

Following Biden’s call, Netanyahu’s office announced the reopening of the Erez border crossing and the allowance of aid shipments through the port of Ashdod. Increased levels of Jordanian aid will also be permitted through the Kerem Shalom crossing. These steps, taken “at the president’s request,” reflect an effort to address Biden’s concerns.

Democratic Senator Chris Coons and even First Lady Jill Biden have urged the president to take stronger action in response to the Gaza crisis. Despite Biden’s historically close relationship with Israel, his administration faces mounting opposition to the ongoing conflict, both domestically and internationally.

While Biden’s rhetoric has sharpened in response to the escalating crisis in Gaza, concrete steps to limit military aid to Israel have yet to materialize. The United States continues to approve transfers of military equipment to Israel, despite growing disapproval of Israel’s actions among US voters.

Public Opinion

A Gallup poll released on March 27 revealed a shifting public opinion, with a majority of Americans now disapproving of Israel’s actions in Gaza. This growing sentiment underscores the increasing pressure on Biden to address the crisis in a manner that reflects both domestic concerns and international humanitarian principles.

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