Terrorists Kill 5 Iranian Police


In a series of coordinated attacks, terrorists have claimed the lives of five Iranian security personnel, including the deputy of a police station, in the Sistan-Baluchistan province. Here are some details according to the report of The Manila Times.

Details of the Attacks

According to reports from state media, the attacks occurred during the night in two separate locations: a Guards base in Rask and a police post in Chabahar.

Majid Mirahmadi, vice minister of the interior, described the incidents as “terrorist attacks,” indicating the involvement of armed extremist groups.

Loss of Lives

Among the casualties were five members of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and the police, who were killed in the line of duty. Deputy of the police station Abbas Mir was among the fallen heroes.

During clashes with Iranian security forces, General Mohammad Pakpour, head of the Guards’ land forces, reported that they neutralized 15 attackers.

Despite the loss of lives, the terrorists failed in their attempts to overrun the Guards headquarters in Chabahar and Rask. Security personnel have surrounded the attackers, engaged in confrontations to contain the situation.

The jihadist group Jaish al-Adl, which Iran has designated as a “terrorist” organization, has claimed responsibility for the attacks.

Background on Sistan-Baluchistan Province

Sistan-Baluchistan borders Afghanistan and Pakistan and has long been plagued by unrest. Drug-smuggling operations, Baluchi rebels, and Sunni Muslim extremists attribute the instability.

Iran’s province is home to numerous stations of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. This reflects its strategic significance in Iran’s security landscape.

This isn’t the first instance of violence in Sistan-Baluchistan. One of the deadliest attacks in the region occurred in December, resulting in the killing of 11 officers at a police headquarters in Rask.

Similarly, an attack occurred last July on a police station in Zahedan, the provincial capital. The incident resulted in casualties on both sides.

Political Context

Zahedan has been a focal point of unrest, with previous incidents linked to protests over alleged human rights violations. The city has witnessed demonstrations and clashes, underscoring underlying tensions within the region.

As Iran grapples with the aftermath of these attacks, the incidents highlight the persistent security challenges faced by authorities in the Sistan-Baluchistan province. The nation mourns the loss of its security personnel and stands resolute against terrorism.

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