Peruvian Presidential Palace Raided in ‘Rolex Case’ Corruption Inquiry

Rolex case

Peru’s political landscape faces fresh turmoil as armed police raided both the government palace and the private residence of President Dina Boluarte in search of luxury watches, including Rolexes. The incident, dubbed the “Rolex case,” stems from allegations of corruption and has sparked widespread debate and scrutiny. Here are some details according to the report of CNN International.

The Raid

The raid occurred late Friday after officials reportedly refused to comply with initial orders, leading police to forcibly enter Boluarte’s property. Peruvian news outlet La Encerrona prompted the investigation by revealing evidence suggesting Boluarte owned at least 14 luxury watches.

Prior to the raid, Boluarte vehemently denied any wrongdoing, attributing her possessions to hard work. She affirmed her commitment to maintaining integrity and vowed to emerge from the situation with her reputation intact. Boluarte’s allies, including Prime Minister Gustavo Adrianzen and Justice Minister Eduardo Arana, condemned the raid as excessive and unconstitutional, framing it as an attack on the president’s dignity.

Legal Proceedings

Following the raid, Boluarte’s lawyer, Mateo Castaneda, criticized the police presence as theatrical and raised concerns about the manner in which the search was conducted. Next month, the prosecutor’s office has scheduled Boluarte to testify, where she will likely face questioning regarding the ownership and acquisition of the luxury watches in question.

The “Rolex case” unfolds against the backdrop of Peru’s recent history of political instability and corruption scandals. Boluarte assumed office after the impeachment of her predecessor, Pedro Castillo, who faced accusations of attempting to dissolve Congress and establish an emergency government. The downfall of former President Martin Vizcarra and allegations of corruption involving Brazilian conglomerate Odebrech preceded Castillo’s impeachment. The cycle of political turmoil underscores the pervasive challenges facing Peru’s governance and accountability mechanisms.


As Peru grapples with yet another corruption scandal, the “Rolex case” underscores the urgency of addressing systemic issues of transparency and accountability within the country’s political institutions. The outcome of the investigation into Boluarte’s luxury watches will likely have far-reaching implications for Peru’s political landscape and its efforts to combat corruption.

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