UFC Fighter Igor Severino Disqualified for Biting Opponent Andre Lima

biting opponent

In a startling turn of events at a UFC bout in Las Vegas, Igor Severino’s promising career hit a snag as he was disqualified for an unprecedented move: biting his opponent, Andre Lima. Here are some details according to the report of CNN International.

The Infamous Bite

During the second round of their flyweight bout, Severino, 20, shocked the audience by leaning in and biting Lima on his left arm. He held Lima from behind while executing the act. Lima’s audible shout signaled the referee, Chris Tognoni, to intervene, ultimately leading to Severino’s disqualification and Lima’s victory.

Following the bout, UFC president Dana White revealed Severino’s dismissal from the organization, citing the egregious nature of his actions. White expressed disappointment, emphasizing that there are alternative ways to exit a fight without resorting to such unsportsmanlike conduct.

A Bite to Remember

Despite the ordeal, Lima displayed remarkable resilience, even commemorating the incident with a tattoo of the bite mark on his left arm. White, impressed by Lima’s humor and courage, doubled his fight bonus to $50,000 as a gesture of appreciation.

The UFC community and fans took to social media to humorously dub Lima’s fight the “bite of the night,” a playful spin on the traditional “fight of the night” accolade. Even the UFC’s official accounts joined in, adding a lighthearted touch to the unusual turn of events.

Post-Fight Remarks

Reflecting on the incident, Lima shared his perspective in the octagon, explaining that Severino bit him while attempting to take him down, prompting his reaction. Despite the unconventional victory, Lima’s debut in the UFC marked a significant milestone in his undefeated MMA career.

Severino’s disqualification for biting his opponent adds a bizarre chapter to UFC history, underscoring the importance of sportsmanship and integrity in professional fighting. AAs Lima celebrates his victory, the MMA world reflects on this unprecedented event. It serves as a reminder of the unpredictable nature of combat sports.

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