Despite Metal Detector Failure, Man Discovers ‘England’s Largest’ Gold Nugget

gold nugget

In an astonishing turn of events, a treasure hunter battling with malfunctioning gear stumbled upon what is believed to be the largest gold nugget ever discovered in England. Here are some details according to the report of CNN International.

Unearthing a Treasure

Richard Brock, the fortunate discoverer, found the gold nugget weighing 64.8 grams (2.3 ounces) nestled in the Shropshire Hills near the Welsh border, announced auction house Mullock Jones on Thursday.

Dubbed as Hiro’s Nugget, the find is roughly the size of a UK 50 pence coin. According to Mullock Jones, the estimated value of Hiro’s Nugget ranges between £30,000 ($38,000) and £40,000 ($50,700).

A Stroke of Luck Amidst Setbacks

Brock’s luck appeared to wane as his metal detector malfunctioned upon reaching the site in May. Undeterred, he resorted to an older piece of equipment and, within minutes, unearthed the astounding discovery.

Considered a rare gem, Hiro’s Nugget’s origins remain shrouded in mystery. Auctioneer Ben Jones of Mullock Jones described the nugget as a unique discovery, considering the region’s geological history.

Speculations on Origins

The Shropshire Hills, once submerged under prehistoric oceans, have yielded various artifacts over time. With remnants of Welsh stone and an old road/railway line in the vicinity, the nugget’s journey to its resting place presents a puzzling enigma.

The auction for Hiro’s Nugget, marking the beginning of a new chapter for the historic find, will conclude on April 1. Its discovery may not hold the title for the largest gold nugget in the UK. However, it adds another intriguing chapter to England’s treasure trove of history.

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