Two Ukrainian ‘Pastorals’ Accuse Quiboloy of Sexual Abuse

Quiboloy Sexual Abuse

Two Ukrainian women, referred to as “pastorals,” have come forward with disturbing allegations of sexual abuse against Apollo Quiboloy, the leader of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ (KJOC) church.

Victims Speak Out

According to ABS-CBN News, Nina, one of the victims, revealed in a video testimony played before the Senate Committee on Women, Children, Family Relations, and Gender Equality that she was misled into believing that she must not get married and must “sacrifice” her body for Quiboloy. Nina disclosed that this “sacrifice” actually involved having sex with him.

She recounted how, during her eight-year tenure as a pastoral, she and others were coerce into having sex with Quiboloy on multiple occasions. She emphasized the secrecy surrounding these encounters, with Quiboloy warning them not to divulge anything.

According to Nina, some pastorals were summoned for sex once or twice, while others, like her, were required to engage in sexual acts with Quiboloy every week, dubbing it “night duty.”

Exploitation of Vulnerability

“Sofia,” another Ukrainian woman, shared a similar ordeal. She detailed how fellow pastorals instructed her to be ready to sacrifice everything, including her body, for Quiboloy.

Sofia recounted a harrowing experience where Quiboloy coerced her into his room under the guise of receiving a massage. Despite her fear and reluctance, Quiboloy allegedly removed her clothes and forced her into sexual intercourse.

Alarming Revelations

Both victims became aware of the extent of Quiboloy’s alleged sexual misconduct only later. A senior pastoral, who admitted to being initiated into the church at the age of 12, informed Sofia about Quiboloy’s exploitation of minors.

This shocking revelation prompted Sofia to confront Quiboloy, questioning the normalization of such abuse within the church.

Senate Inquiry

The Senate Committee, led by Senator Risa Hontiveros, is investigating allegations of human trafficking, rape, and other human rights violations against Quiboloy and the KJOC church.

The testimonies illuminate disturbing practices and exploitation within the church, emphasizing the urgent need for accountability. Justice for the victims remains paramount in addressing these issues.

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