Anticipation Mounts: 5 Things to Watch for at Oscars 2024


As the 96th Academy Awards approach, excitement and speculation are at an all-time high. Variety awards editor Clayton Davis offers insights into five key elements to keep an eye on during Sunday’s prestigious event.

According to The Philippine Star, here are the 5 things to watch for at Oscars 2024:

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1. ‘Oppenheimer’ Record-Breaker?

Christopher Nolan’s epic “Oppenheimer” is poised for Oscar glory, but the question remains: how many accolades will it secure? With a potential eight or even ten wins, including coveted categories like best actor and best adapted screenplay, “Oppenheimer” could rewrite history. The film’s triumph would mark a significant shift from recent indie darlings, reaffirming the power of big-budget blockbusters on Hollywood’s grandest stage.

2. ‘Barbie’ Avalanche

While “Barbie” may not dominate the winner’s circle, its presence will loom large throughout the evening. With performances by Billie Eilish and Ryan Gosling, as well as host Jimmy Kimmel’s inevitable jests, the comedic sensation promises to be a recurring theme. Expect a pink-hued extravaganza and playful nods to Greta Gerwig and Margot Robbie’s notable absence from the directing and acting nominations.

3. Best Actress Nail-Biter

The battle for best actress is anyone’s guess, with Lily Gladstone and Emma Stone locked in a fierce competition. While Gladstone’s groundbreaking potential as the first Native American winner holds promise, Stone’s allure among international voters adds intrigue. As Davis notes, the outcome may ultimately hinge on numerical analysis, making this category a true nail-biter.

4. Scorsese’s Losses

Despite his legendary status, Martin Scorsese faces the prospect of another Oscars night without a win. Should “Killers of the Flower Moon” falter, it would mark the third instance of Scorsese’s acclaimed films leaving empty-handed. While the irony isn’t lost on Davis, it underscores the unpredictability and competitive nature of the awards.

5. America, America

As the Oscars showcase Hollywood’s elite, the lineup of presenters promises star-studded moments. Drawing inspiration from past ceremonies, this year’s presenters will include previous acting winners introducing this year’s nominees. This personalized touch fosters a sense of camaraderie and nostalgia, adding an extra layer of emotion to the proceedings. Davis’s hopeful pairing of Rita Moreno and America Ferrera epitomizes the sentiment, evoking a poignant connection to cinema’s enduring legacy.


As anticipation builds for the Oscars, these five focal points offer a glimpse into the drama, excitement, and history-in-the-making that awaits. From record-breaking triumphs to heartfelt moments of recognition, Sunday’s ceremony promises to captivate audiences and honor the best of cinema in true Hollywood fashion.

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