Disney CEO Bob Iger’s 2023 Compensation Soars to $31.6 Million

Disney CEO Bob Iger's 2023 Compensation
Disney CEO Bob Iger's 2023 Compensation

Disney CEO Bob Iger’s 2023 compensation reached a staggering $31.6 million, marking a significant increase from the $15 million he earned the year before. The notable boost in Iger’s pay is attributed to various components, including a base salary of $865,385, stock awards totaling $16.1 million, $10 million in stock option awards, $2.1 million in performance-based compensation, and $2.48 million in other compensation.

According to a report by CNN International, this substantial pay increase occurred during Iger’s first full year back at the helm of Disney after returning from retirement in November 2022. His return was prompted by the departure of his chosen successor, Bob Chapek. Less than three years into Chapek’s tenure as Disney CEO. Despite leaving the company in 2022, Chapek still received $9.9 million in total pay from Disney last year.

While Iger’s compensation soared, Disney faced several challenges in the past year, including box office disappointments. Declining linear TV viewership, and the ongoing shift toward a streaming-centric future. In response to these challenges, Disney announced plans to cut expenses by an additional $2 billion in November. Following a previously announced $5.5 billion reduction.

On a positive note, Iger highlighted the progress made in improving Disney’s business during the fourth-quarter earnings call in November. However, he acknowledged that there is still work to be done in navigating the evolving media landscape.

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