Israel Accuses Hamas of Psychological Torment in Release of Hostage Videos

Israel accuses Hamas hostage videos
Israel accuses Hamas hostage videos

Israel has accuses Hamas of inflicting “psychological torment” on the families of hostage as the militant group released a third videos within 24 hours featuring three individuals held in Gaza. The latest video suggests the death of two hostages.

Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant stated that Hamas, impacted by Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) actions, resorts to causing distress to hostage families, leaving the IDF to clarify later. The initial video, released on Sunday, featured Noa Argamani, Itai Svirsky, and an unnamed man, promising information about their fate. A second video on Monday heightened concerns, reiterating an imminent update on the hostages’ destiny.

In the third video released later on Monday, the apparent lifeless bodies of Itai Svirsky and the unnamed man were shown. Accompanied by Noa Argamani’s statement that both were kill by Israeli forces. The authenticity of Argamani’s statement remains unclear, given potential duress and heavy editing in the video.

IDF spokesperson Daniel Hagari addressed the videos, refuting claims of Svirsky being hit by Israeli forces. The IDF reportedly targeted sites near the hostages’ location but did not strike the building where they were hold. An investigation is ongoing, considering images provided by Hamas.

IDF representatives met with hostage families, expressing deep concern, particularly for the fate of two captives. The exact circumstances of the incident and the filming location of the videos are yet to be verified.

Hamas and other groups took approximately 240 hostages into Gaza on October 7. While over 100 hostages were freed during a November truce. 132 hostages are believe to remain, with around 107 presumed alive.

Noa Argamani, abducted from the Nova festival with her boyfriend Avinatan Or, appeared in two videos. Her mother, battling stage four brain cancer, recorded a plea for her safe return. Itai Svirsky, a dual Israeli-German citizen and life coach, was kidnap while visiting family, witnessing the murder of his mother and father.

The recent videos intensify concerns about the well-being of the hostages, raising questions about Hamas’s actions and the ongoing efforts to secure their release.

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