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Looking for the Perfect Coffee? Say Hello to ADAM, a Robot Barista

Robot Barista
Robot Barista

When it comes to satisfying your coffee cravings, ADAM, a robot barista, is here to serve the perfect caffeinated beverage.

Richtech Robotics is the creator behind ADAM, a two-armed robot capable of not only crafting the ideal cup of coffee but also interacting with customers, taking orders, and preparing various beverages. The best part? ADAM never gets tired.

Phil Zheng, Richtech Robotics Chief Operating Officer (COO), explains, “He is a barista robot in this case, but really, he can make a lot of different beverages, from boba tea, coffee, ice lattes, iced tea to even whiskey shots and cocktails. He can be apply to almost every single kind of beverage-making application. And here you can see him filling up ice, washing out the cups, getting milk, and then brewing the coffee and then making, in this case, a foamy hazelnut latte,” as ADAM works his magic at CES 2024.

Beyond coffee and drinks, ADAM can also prepare food using a combination of robotic arms, AI, cameras, and facial recognition software.

Zheng elaborates, “It’s a dual-arm robot. You have AI cameras in front for both vision as well as depth sensing. So, we have several different types of cameras in there. The entire system is power by the internal power supply that’s actually in the body of the robot. And then you have structures, speaker set top as well as cameras in a few places around the system as well. Adam is design to be that producing robot that can make and manufacture the food, not just help clean or deliver, but actually be the business itself.”

ADAM’s customers are quite impress with his barista skills. Jon Gregory, a 37-year-old tech enthusiast from Baltimore, states, “It’s great. This is the hazelnut latte. The robot made it all on its own. It tastes great. Very foamy, very cold. It’s really nice.” Arun Prasad, a 38-year-old tech enthusiast from Detroit, adds, “I think it’s fantastic. I don’t think there’s any difference from what a human would have done. It tastes exactly the same. But, I think the coffee is fantastic.”

For businesses dealing with staff shortages, ADAM could be the perfect solution. However, he doesn’t come cheap, with a cost of $180,000 (USD) per system, although the price can vary depending on the business, according to Richtech Robotics.

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