EXO-CBX, the dynamic sub-unit of the immensely popular K-pop group EXO, is poise to embark on an exciting new chapter as two of its members, Xiumin and Chen, officially join INB100. This newly established label is the brainchild of their fellow EXO member, Baekhyun, signifying a monumental development in the trajectory of this celebrated sub-unit.

The reported move has sparked considerable anticipation and discussions within the Korean media. As it promises a fresh wave of creativity and opportunities for EXO-CBX and its individual members. By signing with INB100, Xiumin and Chen’s solo endeavors, as well as the collective activities of EXO-CBX. They will now fall under the management of this innovative label.

Crucially, this strategic decision doesn’t sever their ties with SM Entertainment, the original agency of EXO. Instead, it establishes a dual management system. Under this arrangement, EXO-CBX gains enhanced creative freedom and individual focus under Baekhyun’s leadership at INB100. Simultaneously, their commitments to EXO and group activities will continue to be handle by SM Entertainment, ensuring continuity and stability.

Fans of EXO and EXO-CBX can eagerly anticipate a multitude of exciting projects and collaborations stemming from this dual management system. The reunion under INB100’s banner holds the promise of blending the familiar charm that endeared EXO-CBX to fans with innovative ventures. It showcase the members’ evolving artistic endeavors.

In the dynamic landscape of K-pop, where collaborations and solo projects are increasingly value, this move by EXO-CBX aligns with industry trends. The K-pop community is abuzz with excitement. Awaiting the unfolding of this new direction for EXO-CBX under the leadership of Baekhyun. As well as the innovative framework provided by INB100.

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