Google CEO Sundar Pichai Warns of Upcoming Layoffs in Internal Memo

Google CEO Warns Upcoming Memo
Google CEO Warns Upcoming Memo

Google CEO Sundar Pichai warns an upcoming internal memo to employees, alerting them to anticipate further layoffs in the coming months as the company undergoes a strategic shift toward artificial intelligence and other areas. The memo comes after Google experienced significant job cuts in the past week, although Pichai emphasized that the upcoming layoffs will not be on the same scale as those in the previous year. Which reduced Google’s workforce by 12,000 employees.

Details of the Memo

Google CEO Warns Upcoming Memo | Photo Credits to the Rightful Owner

According to the report of CNN International, in the memo, Pichai stated that while some parts of Google’s business will remain unaffected by the changes. Certain teams will need to make specific resource allocation decisions throughout the year, potentially impacting some roles. Pichai highlighted the company’s ambitious goals for the year. Stating that to create the necessary capacity for investments, Google must make tough choices to simplify execution and increase efficiency in certain areas.

Despite the challenges posed by layoffs, Pichai expressed the company’s commitment to assisting affected employees. Google is dedicated to helping these employees find new opportunities either within the company or outside it.

Layoffs at YouTube

Additionally, it’s report that YouTube, a subsidiary of Google, has laid off approximately 100 workers. These layoffs primarily affect roles in the company’s partnerships organization, which is responsible for outreach to YouTube content creators. It’s important to note that CNN has not independently verified the YouTube layoffs.


Google’s internal memo from CEO Sundar Pichai signals forthcoming layoffs as the company realigns its focus towards artificial intelligence and other strategic priorities. While these layoffs will not match the scale of previous cuts, Google acknowledges the impact on affected employees and is commit to supporting them in finding new opportunities. Either within or outside the company. The layoffs at YouTube, a Google subsidiary, are report to affect approximately 100 roles in the partnerships organization.

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